Motor Insurance



Documents generally required:

  • Claim form duly completed
  • Registration Certificate/Taxation certificate
  • Driving Licence: As per policy condition the driver is required to hold an ‘effective’ driving licence both in terms of the period of validity and the class of vehicle that is being driven at the time of the accident. In case of loss sustained by parked vehicles, Driving Licence may not be relevant.
  • A copy of First Information Report and Panchnama is required wherever third parties are involved in an accident.
  • Survey Report: Surveyor should, assess the quantum of loss payable, verify vehicular documents and confirm that the loss/damage being claimed for is in conformity with the narration of the accident.

Total Loss:

  • Where the vehicle is totally damaged or when the net cost of repairs is almost close to the Market Value or exceeds 75% of the IDV the claim will be settled on constructive total loss basis by the Insurer.

Theft Claims :

  • Partial loss due to theft: Theft of parts/accessories from a vehicle should be reported to the police immediately. If parts are found missing or changed after recovery of stolen vehicle this must be recorded in the Final Police Investigation Report.
  • Total loss due to theft: The following documents should be submitted in addition to a certified copy of the First Information Report, for considering payment of the admissible claim after expiry of 90 days from the date of loss.
    • Surrender of the Registration Book and the Tax Book to the insurer duly transferred in the name of the insurers.
    • Letter of Subrogation
    • Ignition keys of the vehicle
    • Certificate of Insurance and the original insurance policy.
    • A-Final Summary Report from Police.