Boiler Insurance

The Insurance Policy broadly covers boilers and other pressure vessels, both fired and unfired against losses due to explosion or collapse .

“Explosion” shall mean sudden and violent rending or tearing apart of the permanent structure of a boiler or pressure plant or any part or parts thereof by force of internal steam gas or fluid pressure causing bodily displacement of the said structure and accompanied by the forcible ejection of its contents.

“Collapse” shall mean the sudden and dangerous distortion of any part of aB boiler or Pressure Plant by bending or crushing caused by steam gas, fluid pressure whether attended by rupture or not. It shall not mean any slowly developing deformation due to any cause.


Significant exclusions:

  • The Insurance Policy does not cover loss and/or damage arising from Fire and allied perils, War and Nuclear perils, loss arising out of overload experiments, gradual wear and tear of parts, failure of individual tubes, loss due to chemical reactions, wilful acts or gross negligence, loss which is manufacturer’s or repairer’s responsibility and consequential loss from explosion or collapse.

Sum Insured:

  • Sum insured should be reinstatement cost of the Boiler.


  • Premium chargeable depends on the type of Boiler, type of fuel and the age of equipment. Discount is allowed for seasonal factories and stand by facilities


  • Surrounding property of the Insured (including the property held in trust or on commission)
  • Legal liability for third party bodily injury and property damage
  • Express Freight, Air Freight and Additional Customs Duty can also be covered by payment of additional premium.