Professional Indemnity Insurance

This Policy broadly covers medical establishments against legal liability arising out of bodily injury and/or death of any patient caused by error, omission or negligence in professional service. It also covers legal costs and expenses incurred in investigation, defence or settlement of such legal liability.


Significant Exclusions:

  • This Policy does not cover liability arising out of cosmesis ( plastic surgery, hair weaving etc.). It also does not cover third party liability, pure financial loss, fines and penalties (punitive or exemplary)

Sum Insured:

  • Depending on exposure, Proposer has to fix two limits of indemnity as under
    • Any One Accident (AOA)
    • Any One Year (AOY)


  • The Premium rate depends on the occupation of the workmen and his/her annual “Earnings”

AOA and AOY can be in ratio of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4.

Main Extensions:

  • Premium chargeable depends on risk group, number of inpatients and outpatients, limits of indemnity selected and ratio of limits (AOA:AOY)


  • Policy is subject to compulsory excess of 0.25 % of AOY limit (subject to minimum of Rs. 5000/- and a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/-). Higher excess opted on voluntary basis qualifies for discount in premium level.