To ensure that all claims are reported to the insurer, without delay.

Depending upon the nature of the claim, to inform the insured about the "DOS and DONTs" in the given situations.

To arrange for appointment of the surveyor by the insurer and to ensure that the attending surveyor gets all sorts of co-operation in carrying out the     survey.

To assist the insured to know the requirements in the subject claim by interacting with the insurers/surveyors against authority entrusted by the     insured.

To assist the insured in complying with the documentary and procedural requirements including protecting rights of recovery and disposal of salvages.

To ensure that all the required papers are submitted with the insurer for the consideration of the claim.

To pursue with the insurer for early disposal of the claim.

Collection of loss voucher, get the same duly discharged by the insured as well as collection of claims cheque from the insurer.

Addressing grievances relating to considering claims in deserving cases.

Easy assessment of liability and likely level of damages.

Regular communication in terms of MIS for claims.

Helping in technical discussions with insurance companies for claim settlement.


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